Chattering for Organisers

This is a page to simply RSVP your presence at the first edition of the Chattering for Organisers, produced by Flock Theatre.


About the Chattering

We love connecting with fellow-organisers around the world and we would love to do the same at a more local level! We can learn so much from each other, find an understanding ear, and share tips and tricks, our failures and successes, fun anecdotes and the things that make us proud.

The Chattering for Organisers will be held on Wednesday, January the 4th, from 17:00 to 19:00 at the Huis van de Wijk de Meeuw (Grote Zaal).

We will organise snacks and drinks to make it a fun collective moment, launch a few topics in the air, and make sure that everyone knows each other, before leaving space for what will make this meeting fabulous: us sharing with each other!


Is it open to everyone?

Our goal is to gather together organisers from the region, with a primary crowd made out of the English-speaking communities, welcoming as well bigger Dutch-speaking organisation. We want to be in touch with each other in order to create a woven web of structures in the broader community. It’s a great opportunity to meet fellow-producers!

To join, you have been invited by Laura or Gael, and you can just confirm by signing the RSVP below! (the RSVP will allow us to anticipate the number of people joining and measure the quantities of snacks and drinks accordingly to not miss nor waste).

If you’ve not been invited and you wish to join, please send us an email! The community is wide and we do not know everyone, and we are always happy to hear from you.

We are excited to see a lot of our amazing fellow improv organisers for this first Chattering!