Flock Theatre is lucky enough to work with talented artists. You like our visuals, our pictures and our designs? You need to get to know who is behind all of that!

Natti Bouftang
La Réunion island, France

All of the amazing shots that Gael got from his trip to La Réunion are from Bouftang Photographie. And honestly, he captured the 1000+ people in the gigantic open air theatre to the perfection!

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Noémie Deveaux
Istanbul, Turkey

Noémie took a brilliant series of headshots back in 2020, during our Perryweerd World Tour. Back then, Flock Theatre was still an idea on paper, and nothing else, and she made it possible for us to have a bunch of visuals when we just opened!

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Cindy Goey

You are loving the pictures of our 2021-2022 production 'I Will Survive' and wonder who made them? Don't look further, Cindy is guilty of it, amongst some of our other favorite shots!

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Robin Straaijer

Robin is a usual of the Amsterdam improv scene: on stage with multiple groups in the last two decades, but also behind the lens creating some of our most beautiful captured stage moments.

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Chee-Wai Chan

Chi is one of these photographers that seem to be everywhere at the same time, taking pictures for every improv community in town and always hunting for an opportunity to express his creativity through his lenses. We love having him around!

Armelle van Helden

Armelle is a fabulous multi-talented photographer, and we are lucky to have some of our shows captured by her! Also, she likes taking pictures of concerts and festivals—punk, metal, gothic, indie, psychedelic rock, you name it—and during Covid19 she (re)discovered how much she loves street arts!

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Mathieu van den Berk

Mathieu has a unique eye for very special moments on stage. He always captures this precise instant that will flash back an entire show years later, and that's why we love working with him!

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Tamás Künsztler
Vienna, Austria

Tamás is one of our absolute favorite photographer and videographer. We met him in Vienna for the Moment Festival in 2021, and we can't get enough! If you ever need a photographer in Austria, he is your guy.

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Yorian Bordes

We love all pictures Yorian does: they are sensitive, full of life and mostly they give you the feeling to be on stage with the performers. He is the author of some of our most recent shots, and they are ace!

Robyn Berk
The Randstad

Robyn is a Swiss Army Knife of Flock Theatre: photographer, videographer but also multiple times cast member. Reach out to them for any visual project you might have!

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Anne du Chatinier

Anne is the piercing eye that immortalised some of our Flock & Friends shows: Marvelous Stories, Film Noir, The Myth and more. She has a beautiful sensibility for details, and never misses the perfect moment of composition!

Steve Lieveld

Steve is an Amsterdam based photographer who focuses on capturing people in their pure essence, specializing in theatre, documentary, street and wedding photography.

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Alicja Trojnar
Bydgoszcz, Poland

Alicja has been the photographer of one of our favorite festivals out there: JO! in Toruń. All of her shots are fantastic, and especially the ones she snapped during workshops are full of life and emotions!

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