Laura and Gael sometimes write about improv and other thoughts.
Here are some of them.

Royal Animals – Blog by Jenny

Royal Animals – Blog by Jenny

We, as humans, try so hard to pretend we are not animals. We dress up, we smile politely. From our royals, we expect this behavior even more – we build ceremonies and rituals around, we put them in a crown, so they look even less like an animal than the rest of us.

Writing our Stories

Writing our Stories

The 3-weeks Online Special and how it feelsWith Flock Theatre, we give a few classes online during the lockdowns. The format we chose to explore is what we called our 3-weeks special: short courses of 3 classes around a specific topic, accessible...

The type of improv I wanna do

The current context (note for future-self: a worldwide pandemic raging for almost a year) can bring a lot of frustration and scarcity feeling towards out improv opportunities. I didn’t perform a show for two months, and my next show will be in two months. But it also...

Hoe is de 1e keer Theatersport?

“Theatersport?” Ik trok mijn neus op en slaakte een zucht.

Het was de zomer van 2008 en ik had de balie van de CREA zomercursussen in Amsterdam aan de telefoon. Ik had me opgegeven voor een Stanislavski-week, want ik nam toneel serieus dus had ik me opgegeven voor Serieus Toneel.

Het liep anders.

Warring brothers or caring brothers?

Recently a friend told me that we were ‘competitors’, because we and they are teaching improv classes, so it inspired me to write a little something.
Flock Theatre is the new professional improvised theatre company created by Laura and myself, and …

Improvising, faire de l’impro, impro spelen

I am French, I practice improv in English, and I live in the Netherlands, learning Dutch. Improv is scary. And learning a language is scary as well. These two fears can feed each other, but they can also tame each other to make the journey a little easier.Our inner...