Season 2023-2024

Improvised Theatre Classes & Shows

Learn improvised theatre with us: Laura, Gael and Tanine, and watch shows with some of the best local and international improvisers!

All classes will take place in Amsterdam-Noord and Hilversum, and sometimes elsewhere. We have English-speaking classes, Dutch-speaking classes, and even French-speaking classes.

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Our classes in Amsterdam

The Match

The Match

Sep 16, 2024 - April 07, 202519:00 - 20:30 Gael Doorneweerd-Perry €490,00

The Match is the most famous show performed in the French speaking world. It is epic, demanding, riotous, challenging, and an absolute audience favorite!

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Love & Hate

Love & Hate

Sep 16, 2024 - April 07, 202520:30 - 22:00 Gael Doorneweerd-Perry €490,00

Join this course and participate to the adventure of the heart: open yours to the audience in a heart-warming and heart-breaking piece of unscripted theatre!

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Impro en français

Impro en français

Sep 17 - December 10, 202419:00 - 20:30 Gael Doorneweerd-Perry €215,00

Le cours d’improvisation théâtrale en français est de retour chez Flock Theatre : encore plus de fun, encore plus de personnages et encore plus d’impro.

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Improv Your Dutch

Improv Your Dutch

Sep 18 - December 11, 202420:30 - 22:00 Jenny Hasenack €215,00

Improv is about having fun in failing and being in the moment. It is perfect to get more comfortable: you'll be speaking Dutch without even thinking about it!

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Onze lessen – Hilversum

The teachers of Flock Theatre


Born and raised in the Netherlands, teaching forever and cycling to work. Always.


Born and raised in the France, eats croissants and baguette for more than 3 decades.


Born in Iran and travelled through the world, pure gold and a gem of talent.

What we do

Flock Theatre is

Giving classes

In all of our classes we teach skills, knowledge and the art of improvised theatre. We do this in English, in Dutch and even in French.

Playing shows

An entire season of improvised shows and plays is scheduled for 2023-2024. Based on famous genres and featuring improvisers from all over the Netherlands and the world!


For our productions we hold free, open auditions for anyone with theatre or improv experience. We love meeting new, diverse players.

Traveling the world

After a year-long improv tour around the world—the Perryweerd Honeymoon Tour—Laura and Gael continue to travel to teach abroad in festivals and improv companies.

What Drives Us

Our Mission Statement

We want to create a community of improv learners as well as professional improvisers.
We want to base this community on care, support, respect and diversity.
We want to produce our art with ambition and quality, professionalism and heart.
We want to bring improv to unknown territories.
We want to build a local community for all, and bring people together around the passion of improv.

Upcoming Events

Who is behind

Flock Theatre

Laura Doorneweerd-Perry

Laura is the co-founder of Flock and the co-director of the company. She is a brilliant teacher, performer and artistic director, and loves nerding about improv or about Hilversum, her home town!

Gael Doorneweerd-Perry

Gael is the other co-founder of Flock, and also the co-director of the company. He is a passionate teacher and director, a multi-talented performer, and loves learning new things about stuff!

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Tanine Dunais
Core organisation team

Tanine joined the organisation team in 2023 but is a part of Flock from the first day! She is a great improviser and teacher, a fabulous illustrator and can talk about food until the end of the night.

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Other events and links

The Erratic Pigeon Post

Flock Theatre’s Gael is writing a newsletter with all kinds of info about improv, thoughts on the artform and also cooking tips. A wealth of knowledge and joy!

Teaching Improv With Confidence

Our very own Laura teaches twice a year her signature course for teachers. In 9 weeks you will learn what confident improv teaching looks like for you.