Season 2020-2021

Improvised Theatre Classes

Discover improvised theatre or continue to learn with the two teachers Laura and Gael.
All classes will take place in Amsterdam Noord and Hilversum, and the curriculum includes English-speaking classes, Dutch-speaking classes and a lot more.


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Our classes for all

All-level improv – Play with languages

Mondays from 18:50 to 20:20 – with Gael

Wanna do improv? Wil je improviseren? Tu veux essayer l’impro ? ¿Quieres improvisar?
This course is built to welcome anyone that wishes to do improv. Whatever your level or experience in improv is, even as a total beginner, the classes will explore how to play improvised theatre with a mix of levels.

Visual improv for Advanced Players – Longform

Mondays from 20:25 to 21:55 – with Gael

You already have some experience in improv but you want to explore your body more on stage? You have seen some improvised pieces (the Fraltons, Speechless, Just Play, etc.) and you would like to learn how to improvise with less to no words?
This semester will dig into a challenging form of improv: speechless narrative longform.

Elite Genre Class – Zombie Movie

Thursdays from 19:25 to 20:55 – with Gael

Based on the work done with the main cast of Flock Theatre in 2020, a small group of engaged players will work for 6 weeks toward a show in the genre of a zombie movie.
Join Skin Hunger for some action, some emotion and a lot of thrill!

Ghost of Love – the ghost part

Tuesdays from 18:50 to 20:20 – with Laura

This is the second part of the course ‘Ghost of Love‘.This is the second part of the course ‘Ghost of Love’.
The scenes that audiences remember are those that made them feel something. In this course you will learn how staging, movement, sound and space can create actual unforgettable scenes.

Improvisatie voor beginners – S2

‘s Dinsdag van 20:25 tot 21:55 – met Laura

Zou je improvisatie of theatersport wel eens willen uitproberen? Lijkt het je leuk om elke week veel te lachen, veel te doen en ‘uit je hoofd’ te raken?
In deze cursus Improvisatie ga je nieuwe kanten van jezelf ontdekken. Ik geef al heel veel jaren les, en deelnemers geven aan altijd vol energie en een grote glimlach de lessen uit te lopen.

Theatercursus voor jongeren 12-18 jaar

Dinsdag van 17:15 tot 18:45 – met Laura

Je leert meer over in het moment improviseren, wat betekent dat we veel gaan lachen en veel gaan leren over durven en samenwerken. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan de Lama’s of De Vloer Op.
Daarnaast gaan we aan de slag met Shakespeare: de mooie teksten uit Romeo & Julia of de vette personages uit MacBeth.
Het beste van 2 werelden, kortom!

Miyazaki Online Course

Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:00 – with Gael

A course entirely online exploring the universe of the Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki. Working on tools and principles to apply this genre on stage, you will explore with an international cast this amazing and poetic world!

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Our classes for all – Hilversum

The teachers of Flock Theatre


Born and raised in the Netherlands, international and local teacher for 18 years.


Born and raised in the France, international and local teacher for 14 years.

What we do

Flock Theatre is

Giving classes

All level classes, from beginners to advanced players, we developed a curriculum centered around improvised theatre and are transmitting this knowledge in English and other languages.

Playing shows

An entire season of improvised shows and plays is scheduled for 2020-2021, in partnership with Theater Boomspijker in Amsterdam. Based on famous genres and featuring improvisers from all over the Netherlands!


Holding free drop-in

For those who just want to have a taster, or simply to take a fun improv class once a month, we hold a monthly drop-in class for residents of Amsterdam Noord. 

Traveling the world

After a year-long improv tour around the world—the Perryweerd Honeymoon Tour—Laura and Gael continue to travel to teach abroad in festivals and improv companies.

What Drives Us

Our Mission Statement

We want to create a community of improv learners as well as professional improvisers.
We want to base this community on care, support, respect and diversity.
We want to produce our art with ambition and quality, professionalism and heart.
We want to bring improv to unknown territories.
We want to build a local community for all, and bring people together around the passion of improv.

Upcoming Events


Regular Cast Members

Laura Doorneweerd-Perry

Co-director of Flock Theatre

Gael Doorneweerd-Perry

Co-director of Flock Theatre

Kiki Hohnen

Improviser and psychologist

Tanine Dunais

Improviser from the Middle East

Nardje Trepels

Improviser and hospital clown

Guru Khalsa

Improviser and (over)analyst

Rosanne Eschweiler

Improviser and drama queen

Huib van der Gaag

Improviser and Noorder

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Other events and links

Free drop-in classes for Noord

Flock Theatre will offer drop-in classes for the residents of Amsterdam Noord. To be announced soon.

Workshops and specials

Laura and Gael also offer special online and live workshops, as well as intensives. The subscription for these is independant.

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