Flock Theatre presents

Workshops by Tim Orr & Inbal Lori

What can we say: Tim and Inbal are just good. Very good. Take a workshop with them and you will say the same. No matter how experienced you are, you will learn valuable things. (If you grab your spot in time!)

Flock theatre presents

A weekend with Tim & Inbal

Are you excited? We sure are!
See all info about the workshops and show below.

Dynamic Duos

weekend intensive with Inbal Lori & Tim Orr

Get both Tim Orr en Inbal Lori as teachers in this weekend workshop!
During this intensive of 2 days, you’ll explore the unique challenges and opportunities of two-person improv, and you and your partner will create and perform your own two-person format.
Here are some things we’ll work on:
  • Relationships: establishing details and emotion with clarity and energy.
  • Scene Starts: jumping into each scene’s reality/locations with commitment and variety.
  • Transitions: how do we move from scene to scene in either short or long-form.
  • Characters: commitment, variety, playing both sexes, playing multiple characters, playing each others’ characters, etc.
  • Formats: do you want to do short-form, long-form, both, neither? Are scenes tied together by theme, by location, by time period, by genre, by furniture? Or some other way?

Signing up with a partner is recommended but not required. Flock Theatre will match solo participants with each other. 



Saturday 30th + Sunday 31st of October
Saturday 10:00-12:30
Saturday 13:30-16:00
Sunday 10:30-13:00
Sunday 14:00-16:30
Location: De Meeuw, Motorwal 300 in Amsterdam
€ 230 incl. BTW

Flock & Friends: Click

with Inbal Lori & Tim Orr

Your pictures. Our stories.

Inbal Lori (Tel Aviv) and Tim Orr (San Francisco) combine to present click. In this format, the improvisers take their inspiration from photographs provided by the audience, rather than verbal suggestions. Each scene will start with a new photograph, and the scenes are most likely unrelated. The evocative, non-literal nature of photographs allows the actors to discover their way into characters and situations through the feeling that the images inspire.

As they say: “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Flock & Friends: object of affection

with Laura & Gael Doorneweerd-Perry

Love is the common feeling bounding all the living creatures on earth. But what if objects can fall in love, have their heart broken, or live happily ever after? Maybe a pencil and an eraser can have a future. Or maybe true love is out of reach for a tea kettle and a chocolate tab.

Laura (The Netherlands) and Gael (France) are playing strong and physical characters to bring you a universal story of love and its obstacles. A show like a Pixar movie: sensitive, funny, and never trivial.

See both shows in NDSM Theatre, Amsterdam. 
Saturday 30th of October 19:30
Tickets will go on sale soon. Email us to be on the waiting list. 


workshop with Inbal Lori

Just like life, impro requires contradictory abilities: The ability to be focused, and the ability to let go. To zoom in and zoom out. To find the details and tell the story. 

In this 2.5 hours session, we will touch on the holy trinity of improvisation (in my opinion): Action, Color and Emotion. 

Can you advance the story? Great. Can you do it while finding details and specifics? Wonderful! Can you add emotion to it? Super! Then you have the delicious three layers cake that improvisation can be. 

Learn how to use the right tool at the right moment: just like a ninja! 

Friday 29th of October, 19.30 to 22:00
Location: De Meeuw, Motorwal 300 in Amsterdam
€ 50 incl. BTW

Finding strong endings to scenes

workshop with Tim Orr

Many improvisers find it challenging to end scenes when doing “open”, unstructured short scenework.

But in my experience, this kind of scenework is some of the most exciting work to do in improv.

We’ll look at some tools that, used individually and together, can lead to strong, satisfying endings, with focus on:  Escalating, Repeating, Finishing The Task, and Leaving.

Friday 29th of October, 19.30 to 22:00
Location: De Meeuw, Motorwal 300 in Amsterdam
€ 50 incl. BTW
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