How does our scholarship system work? How can you profit from it? How can you support it?

Scholarship system

At Flock Theatre, we believe that no one should be kept at bay of something they would like to do because they cannot afford it. We also believe in sustainable models that allow us to offer shows, classes and workshops in the art-field of improv for many years and decades to come.

To combine these two values, we have created a ‘scholarship piggybank’. This separate account allows us to save money in order to give it back to the community: that way we can allow anyone that needs it to profit from a discount of full scholarship, while keeping track of our financial health to be able to create opportunities in the future.

You are interested in getting a partial of full scholarship? You have the financial means to support the scholarship system and would like to make a donation? Continue to read on!

Getting a scholarship

If you think that you would need some financial help to be able to join the Flock family, you can very easily request a partial or complete scholarship for any of our activities—courses, shows, workshops.

In order to do that, simply send us an email to, specifying the amount of the scholarship you would need and the specific event for which you would like to use the support. This could be anything between a small amount to round up your finances, and a complete scholarship. As long as the piggybank has money to offer, your request will be accepted without questions asked: we believe that you are the best person to estimate what you need and when.

In the case where the scholarship piggybank wouldn’t contain enough resources to cover your demand, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


You would like to support making improv more accessible for all? You have the financial means to spare a bit of money and to give it to the community? Fill in the form below!

(If you would like to donate using iDeal/Tikkie, please send us a message and we will send a link to you!)