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Transperceneige (EN)

Main Cast | Improvised shows
powered by Flock Theatre

Murder She Improvised - with Kevin Gillese (EN)

Workshop & showcase
powered by Flock Theatre

Unplug your Brain - with Dan & Cédric (EN)

Weekend workshop
powered by Flock Theatre

Tweedaagse Impro-Docent (NL)

Workshop to become an improv teacher
powered by Laura Doorneweerd-Perry

Project 2x2 mini-festival (EN)

Workshops and shows with Chris & Katy
powered by Flock Theatre

Improfestival Karlsruhe (EN)

Festival with shows & workshop
powered by Improtheater Karlsruhe

Erratic Pigeon Post (EN)

My very own newsletter!
powered by myself

Teacher - Performer - Trainer

Workshops and shows
powered by myself

Status Translator (EN, FR)

Online improv magazine
powered by Status

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