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Flexible Genre Triptych

An online course over 6 weeks with 3 guest teachers to explore improvised genres. The exact dates and times are determined and voted by the participants themselves!

Our program

Flexible Genre Triptych

I wanted to offer the possibility to take longer courses and workshops to people like me: people that have an irregular life. You may be an independant, a freelancer, working shifts with a team, working in the evenings, or any other job where taking 6 Monday nights off isn’t possible—this is for you!

This flexible package is an experiment: offering a pack of 6 classes around genres (2 class per genre/teacher) over the course of 6 weeks, but where the classes are scheduled depending on the participants! It’s a bet, a challenge and will definitely be a puzzle for me, but I’m up for it, if you are up for it too! With you help, your good will and your participation, here we are, for the first edition.

I brought together three amazing teachers and friends that I respect immensely for their work and love as friends. I met Inbal over multiple festivals and events accross Europe, and when she offered to study Telenovelas, I was as intrigued as I was excited! Katy and I met a few years back, and then more and more, and we share many common loves, including the one for stories, science fiction and spooky stuff. Stephen King is perfect with her! And the third one is the amazing Rohit that I met during the world tour in Mumbai. His work as a sceneplay writer (for example for this little online streaming service: Netflix) is pretty amazing and I admire very much his dedication to improv! Basically, I can’t wait for you to meet them.

For the rest, it goes like this:
– You get as excited as me
– You subscribe and pay your subscription
– You fill in the calendar with all your availabilities
– I draw the schedule of the 6 classes and send you the chosen dates
– You enjoy this awesome course with 3 brilliant international masters!

Hope to see you in!

Telenovela! What?!

with Inbal Lori

Yes, I know, it’s cheap and cheesy and not what you would call “high art”. But do you also realize how much fun this is? Can  you also see the challenge?

It’s all about playing the archetype in a bigger than life yet a believable way. It is about exaggerating but staying truthful, it’s about doing something ridiculously over the top that can still be touching.
This is an invitation to play characters, emotions and situations bigger than life, far away from you, in a committed, grounded way. It is an opportunity to stretch the limits of what we usually do in a scene and find out how to beautifully work with it.

Let’s splash some colours on that screen!

2 classes (TBD) between Apr.1 and May 16.
Price of the full pack of 6 classes: €180
Via Zoom

Inbal Lori is a graduate of Jerusalem Art High School (1994) and Nissan Nativ acting studio (2000). Since then she has been writing and acting for television and theater and has won prizes and scholarships for her acting and writing.

Inbal started improvising in Tel Aviv in 2001 where she had her group 3FALLING and ran an improvisation school in the city from 2013 – 2017.

In 2015 Inbal moved to Berlin and since then she has taught and performed all over the world in places like: USA, Canada, Australia, Colombia and Europe.

Her performances include her solo show “Fragments of Life” and duo shows such as “CLICK” with Tim Orr (San Francisco), “The Lorilees” with Lee White (Canada), “The Fun Fatales” with Paula Galimberti (Spain) and “Playing with the Enemy” with Arab improviser Zaki Zikani.

In Berlin she is working and coaching the groups  “Die Gorillas” and “ImproBerlin”

Improvising a Murder Mystery

with Rohit Nair

Learn how to improvise a not-so-perfect  Murder Mystery. And while we are at it – let’s butcher the tropes and surprise the audience with a revelation.

2 classes (TBD) between Apr.1 and May 16.
Price of the full pack of 6 classes: €180
Via Zoom

Rohit Nair is a writer from Mumbai (India) and he writes for Bollywood and Netflix! He swears by True Detective (Season-1) and performs a duo show called Screw Detective, with Nasir Engineer. Rohit is one of the co-founders of Improv Comedy Bangalore and has been instrumental in bringing to India its first ever musical improv showcase in 2015.

When he isn’t writing he is found singing songs with his dog. 

Stephen King – making classic American horror stories

with Katy Schutte

We’ll explore the themes and styles of master horror writer Stephen King. Think small towns, bad weather, feeling trapped, addiction, writers, and ordinary things becoming the stuff of nightmares. We’ll play games, create characters and make shows inspired by the American Horror genre.

2 classes (TBD) between Apr.1 and May 16.
Price of the full pack of 6 classes: €180
Via Zoom

Katy Schutte is one of the UK’s original long form improvisers. She performs and teaches all over the world, is a Head Teacher for Hoopla (the UK’s biggest improv school) and Co-Founder Director of The Improv Place. She has been one of The Maydays since 2004, is half of legendary sci-fi improv duo Project2, performs with Hell Yeah! and authored The Improviser’s Way: A Longform Workbook, published by Nick Hern Books.
A Funny Women finalist and both nominee and winner of the Brighton Festival Fringe Best Comedy Show award, Katy also starred in BAFTA winning online educational series History Bombs.

Katy performs with Knightmare Live and makes her own work including Schutte the Unromantic and acclaimed semi-immersive folk horror play Let’s Summon Demons. She is a contributing writer for Cards Against Humanity and actor/writer on web series Sideliners. She is currently resident singer/songwriter on Sean and Robot’s Comedy Circuit podcast and co-writer/dramaturg on AR immersive project Transportalists in association with StoryFutures and CreativeXR.

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