Dynamic Duos – Tim Orr & Inbal Lori

​Get both Tim Orr en Inbal Lori as teachers in this weekend workshop!

During this intensive of 2 days, you’ll explore the unique challenges and opportunities of two-person improv, and you and your partner will create and perform your own two-person format.

Here are some things we’ll work on:
– Relationships: establishing details and emotion with clarity and energy.
– Scene Starts: jumping into each scene’s reality/locations with commitment and variety.
– Transitions: how do we move from scene to scene in either short or long-form.
– Characters: commitment, variety, playing both sexes, playing multiple characters, playing each others’ characters, etc.
– Formats: do you want to do short-form, long-form, both, neither? Are scenes tied together by theme, by location, by time period, by genre, by furniture? Or some other way?
Saturday Oct 30 and Sunday Oct 31
10:00 to 16:00 (1h-break)
€230 for the 2-days intensive
All our classes are accessible.
Location: Sportzaal – Huis van de Wijk de Meeuw (Motorwal 300, Amsterdam)