Trail Blazer’s coaching sessions

This is a page to simply RSVP your presence at the coaching session with Gael and Laura, reserved to the 2023-2024 Trail Blazer’s members of Flock Theatre.

About the Coaching

We are big nerds and we love big nerds. If you are a Trail Blazer, it also probably means that you are one of us!

To celebrate nerdiness, we invite you to an exclusive coaching session with both of us. This special workshop will be taught by both Gael and Laura, focused on giving you personal feedbacks, and capped at 6 participants maximum.

What are the details?

You can pick your favorite time—within availability—between two coaching sessions:

  • Friday, Dec 1 at 19:00
  • Saturday, Dec 2 at 10:30

The session will be held at our studio in Treehouse NDSM (Flock’s studio – 55M3). The workshops will be for a maximum of 6 participants, and last for 1:30 hour.

We are excited to see you all for this good session of improv nerdiness together!