Audition – The True North

The next production of Flock Theatre ‘The True North’ will be directed by Laura. We will hold auditions for the cast on 2 separate dates in July. Pick the one that fits you!*

  • Saturday 2nd of July 10:00-12:00
  • Tuesday 5th of July 19:30-21:30

About this production

The show ‘The True North’ will be on the theme of the sea, the port of Amsterdam, and the history of Amsterdam Noord.

For this production, we are looking for 8-12 players of different profiles. This particular production allows for a wide variety of styles, backgrounds, and players.

If you feel you are not the “right” type of player / you are not experienced enough / you think you won’t “fit”, we encourage you to audition anyway.


About Flock Theatre Productions

Flock Theatre productions are shows where Laura & Gael cast players for a weekend of shows in a particular genre. The cast will rehearse for approx. 3 months on Wednesday evenings, led by the director (Laura).

The Flock Theatre style of shows is theatrical. We love making theatrical improv that makes audiences feel something. We commit to the work and find joy in geeking about this art form.

As this is not a course but a production, there is no course fee involved. Players are expected to be there for all rehearsals and shows (in the form on the website you can let us know if you already know you cannot make it 1 or max. 2 rehearsals).

You can sign up for either of these audition dates*:

  • Saturday 2nd of July 10:00-12:00
  • Tuesday 5th of July 19:30-21:30

Location: Huis van de Wijk De Meeuw, Motorwal 300 in Amsterdam.

Show dates
– Friday 9th of December 2022
– Saturday 10th of December 2022
Location: NDSM Theater in Amsterdam


What will happen in the audition

In this audition, improvisers/actors with experience are invited to join the exercises and scene setups that the director (Laura) will offer. No need to prepare, just show up (on time :)).

Our auditions are intended to be a pleasant experience, where you actually learn something and have a good time.

One week after the auditions the performers who got selected will get an invitation. Once accepted, the other improvisers from the audition will be informed as well.

The audition and the rehearsals take place in Huis van de Wijk De Meeuw, which is a wheelchair-accessible space. ♿ If you have any other accessibility needs, don’t hesitate to let us know.


Does it cost anything?

Taking part in the audition is free of charge.


Who can audition?

Anyone with some experience in improvising or acting. We love meeting new faces, unexpected talents, and a diversity of players. 👩🏾‍🦱👩‍🦽🧕🏽🌈👳🏻‍♂️🦾🦻🧠🤶
(Yes, we have cast players that we met at the audition for the first time.)

Once cast, performers are asked to do research, homework and/or promotion of the show. This will take max. 0,5-1 hour a week, and is usually considered fun to do. If you take part in the audition, you agree that -when cast- you will make time for this.


What about the rehearsals?

Wednesday evenings 19:30-21:30, between Sep 28th of Sep and 7th of Dec. There will be no rehearsals on the 19th and 26th of October.

There are 9 rehearsals. If you cannot make it to 1 or max. 2, please let us know in the form.
Lastly, this may seem obvious but you need to be available for both show dates 9th and 10th of December. 😉


How can I sign up?

RSVP below! 


*If you cannot make either July date, and really really want to audition, send us an email to keep you informed about our backup audition date of Wednesday Sep. 14th 19:30-21:30.

July 2

July 5