Audition – Improvised Hospital Drama

This is our hospital. Doctors, nurses, staff, patients, family and unexpected guests: we make the hospital our own. With our stories, our emotions, our procedures, our humour and our everyday life stuff. It may be different than yours, but it sure is never boring. 

The second production of Flock Theatre will be an improvised hospital drama, inspired by tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy and E.R. Expect a longform show with light comedy, some drama and many fun and interesting characters.

  • Wednesday 9th of December
  • 20.00-22.00
  • Huis van de Wijk De Meeuw, Motorwal 300 in Amsterdam.

Show dates are planned to 6 + 7 March in Polanentheater, Amsterdam.


What will happen in the audition?

In this audition improvisers with experience are invited to join the exercises and scene set ups that the director (Laura) will offer. No need to prepare, just show up (on time :)).

The audition is intended to be a fun and relaxed experience, where the focus will not be on finding the “best players” but on finding an “interesting combination of players”.

1 week after the audition the casted performers will get an invitation. Once accepted, the other improvisers from the audition will be informed as well.

The audition and the rehearsals take places in Huis van de Wijk De Meeuw, which is an accessible space. ♿


Does it cost anything?

Taking part in the audition is free of charge.

Players are kindly requested to help cover the costs of the rehearsal space (approx. € 50 total). If your situation does not allow for that, don’t let it keep you from auditioning.


Who can audition?

Anyone with some experience in improvising or acting. We would love to meet some new faces, unexpected talents and a diversity of players. 👩🏾‍🦱👩‍🦽🧕🏽🌈👳🏻‍♂️🦾🦻🧠🤶

Players need to be available on show dates (March 6+7) and Wednesday evenings 13th of January until 10th of March (no rehearsal on 27th of January). If you already know you will miss 1 or (maximum) 2 rehearsals, no worries just let us know in the form.

Players are asked to do some research, like watching medical dramas. If you take part in the audition, you agree that -when casted- you will do the (mostly quite fun) homework for approx. 0,5-1 hour a week.



Due to overwhelming response, applying for the audition has now been closed.

For questions, email contact -at- flock-theatre -dot- com