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The season has started, the courses are launched and the memberships are closed for this season. You want to be part of this cool group of people and get all of the advantages of being a yearly members? We will re-open memberships for next season 2024-2025, so stay tuned!

In the meantime you can sign up for any of our courses one period at a time! Signups for period 2 (January-April) are opening in November, and the ones for period 3 (May-June) will open in March.

Join (or re-join) Flock Theatre, we are excited to see you!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about the memberships

Before signing up

When are the subscriptions for the courses opening?

Course subscriptions are already open for members! If you sign up for one of the memberships you will be able to book your favorite class immediately.

For non-members, the subscriptions will open on Sunday June 25, at noon.

When will I have to pay my monthly fees and for how long?

The payment of any membership is spread over 10 times:

  • One payment when you subscribe
  • 9 remaining instalments from October to June, on the 5th of each months

The season and your advantages linked to the memberships run from September to July—August is Summer break, even Laura and Gael need some time off!

What if I want to become a member but I prefer to pay my entire fee today?

This is completely possible! Here are the signup links for the three memberships with the option to pay in one instalment today:

What is a season? What is a period? How many courses are in a year?

Our theatre ‘year’ is called a season, and cover our program from September of a given calendar year to July of the next one. It basically works like a school-year!

A season is cut in 3 periods:

  • The first period goes from September to December
  • The second period goes from January to April
  • The third period goes from May to June-July

Within each period, we program courses (either 12 weeks for period 1 and 2, or 8 weeks for period 3).

So to recap: in a season, we have 3 periods, and in each period we have a course, so 3 courses per year!

What does the membership costs cover, what is included?

The details depend on you choice of membership (cf. details above), but for each of them it gives you a spot for one course of your choice per period:

  • Period 1 from September to December (12 weeks course)
  • Period 2 from January to April (12 weeks course)
  • Period 3 from May to June (8 weeks course with guest teachers)

Note: if you choose to subscribe for a 24 weeks course, this will count as your spot for period 1 and period 2.

Should I subscribe to my course or to my membership first?

First, you can pick the membership that fits you best (Explorer, Adventurer or Trail Blazer), and once that is done you will be able to pick freely your course!

Is this only for the English-speaking courses?

No, all of our courses are included in the system! And if for instance you wish to start in Dutch for the first period but are interested in an English or French course for the second semester, this is also no problem at all.

Which courses are included in the Explorer membership?

Each period of the year we have some of our courses that will be labelled as ‘Explorer’, which means that they are also open to beginners (maybe you?) and included in the subscription for Flock Explorers.

In the first period, these courses are:

Is it more expensive to become a member than to book separately?

No, it is not!

You even have exclusive advantages that you wouldn’t have without becoming a member (monthly payment, free tickets, discounts on workshops and courses, etc.)

Check-out the little comparison table we’ve made!

What’s up during the season

Do I already have to choose my courses for the entire season?

No, only for the first period! When the courses will be put online, our members will have priority access to pick their favorite course for a week before the rest of the public. So that you can be sure to get in your favorite course!

When are the workshops scheduled?

You want to book already workshop days and weekends? The details of the program will be announced soon, but here is already an overview of the dates we have for now, in order for you to pencil them in your agenda:

What is the coaching session with Laura and Gael included in the Trail Blazer?

Once the season has started, we will organise with you a special workshop—exclusively for Flock Trail Blazer members—co-taught by Laura and Gael, and focused on giving you personalised feedbacks.

We are nerds, we love nerds, and we love nerding together!

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If you aren't an active member this period, you can maybe still sign up for one of our courses! Otherwise, I'm sure that some of our workshops or some shows are open. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Have a great day!

Laura & Gael

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